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Question : I am a Sudra.., !! The Hindu Religion humiliated me and insulted me as a Untouchable !! Frustrated !! What to do ?..,

Budweiser BEER, Alcohol , Wine ,Spirit, Phenoyl etc..,Drinking is allowed for Sudraas & granted by Shaastraas due to nature of their Body strained work. But not for Dwijaas(or Brahmins). Read the Following Manu smrithi. Manu smrithi is a Medicine for a Happy & Successful life. All Brahmins face Severe punishment in Hell for Liquor(KUDI) - Hot Molten Iron Drinking(Ayah Baanam). Punishment Doubled for Dwijaas. One Single Word : "KUDI-yei Niruthu" MaDhu[Suraa] BaaNam(or Intoxication) - Yella Paabangalukkum Thaai yaagum - Alcohol/Liquor is the Mother of all sins (By Prophet Mohammed). Lord Sri Krishna's entire Yaadavaa Clan(Kulam) was flattened to death due to Madhubaanam(Kudi) including Aniruddhan, Pratyumnan,Saambhan,Saatyaki, Akrurar , etcc., at the end of Srimad Bhagavatham in Canto12. Do you need any other Best Example than Shri Krishna's Whole Family. Brahmanathvathai(BrAHMANATHVAM ) kooruvathu OLUKKAM (DISCIPLINED LIFE) , NAR GUNAM (GOOD CHARACTER) mattumaey. Otherwise you are inferior than a SUDRAA. (YUDHISTIRAN, MAHABHARATAM) "OLUNGAANA AANGAL OLUNGU YENNUM YELLAI KOTTAI MEERA MUDIYAATHALLAVA" - NAROTHAMAN SHRI ARJUNAN, . Satan(Kali purushan) sits right next to you at the Cling Sound of a Wine Glass - Turkish Proverb (given by Turkish Friend). Your Holy Thread(Poo-nool) has a Brahma-Knot. That is supposed to face upwards always. you need to Adjust once in a While.That your real business is to reach Brahman/Mukthi. and the Brahma Knot is a reminder that you have no other inferior Business/ Material Life,Material Enjoyment. Complaints from Srirengam Street Dwijaas, Thirukurungudi Dwijaas and others also. Dwijaas Birth is a Rare gift. Try to take advantage. !

(Annachee.., or say ) Athaavathu Sir ..,This Cult of Srivaishnavam does not start by Birth or Heritage. in contrast.., it usually starts from Central Prison {Jail} , Liquor Store { Alcoholic Intoxication Such as Beer, Brandy,wine VODKA etc }. Therefore it is a mere waste of time to change someone by mere verbal Advise/suggestion as per DAKSHA PRAJAPATHI TO SAGE NARADA. So Adiyane strongly recommend everyone & VISITOR to this web site to drink Alcohol,Beer, make illicit sex with other people's Wife(PARA DHAARA Parigraham) ,Gamble/ Play cards etcc..,and enjoy your life as much as you can. !! One day you will goto the extreme and exhausted of this material world.., take a turnaround (U TURN) then you are ready to join this Shrivaishnava Cult. At that time.., you will start believing whatever Vedas (Shastraas) are saying.., are 100% True and for the well being of human society. This Cult of Shrivaishnavam is a result of extreme hatred towards this worldly life. VAIRAAGYAM. !. Now goto Acharyan(GURU). A Mere Brahmin Birth will bring only pride. (JANASYA MOHO AHAM , MAMETHI) and this pride is totally prohibited in Srivaishnavam. You have to feel inferior than the worm in the STOOL(Human WASTE). Therefore ..,a Srivaishnavite is adverse(dislikeness) to all Material activities. He has no interest. (VISHAYANTHIRA PRAAVANYAA VIRAKTHI). Out of many many people one will turn out to accept this philosophy. and he will See god or Speak to God (Govinda) in this birth itself. Dont change everyone or f for others and waste your time. ! This is not a Religious Fanaticism. There is no violence in this cult. In a Family .., Only One .., will be able to accept and practice this Srivaishnavam Cult.Others will come in due course of other successive births. They will accept another Body by Nature's Way. Material Nature is very kind and it will supply a suitable body. !! (Tatha Dehanthira Praapthi.! BG. 2.13) !! Only a FEW.., Very FEW PEOPLE will Ascend.., Others (REST) will stay here in this Material World as dragged by Powerful MAYA(Prakrti). Be proud that you are watching & seeing the people around you .., who are 100 % Samsaari ( Process of endless cycle of Birth and death ) and reaping their Karmas. and through Acharya Krupai ONLY ..,you are able to successfully come out of this Samsaaram. ! Therefore Verification Symbol for Srivaishnava Lakshanam = Poverty, Grief (or/AND) Singleness (or Anarthamaana Family). Test yourself. BEST OF LUCK !


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Question is asked => What is the Greatest Gift(Benediction) in this Human Life ? Is it like Being Born in a Rich & Wealthy Family, Born Cute & Handsome Body , or be Intelligent in School ? or Having a Safe,Stable Government Job or Having a Good, Beautiful Wife or having many wifes or Being Healthy or Born with Good Parents in well settled strong family. REAL ANSWER is NONE of the Above !!!. ANSWER IS :::>>> " That Person (or That Living Being ) who has got AATHMA-JNAAN(Self Realization) at an early age.For him there is no difference between Living & Dying, No Difference between living in a jail or living freely in the world, No Difference between living as a Poor or Rich. He wants Nothing.He realizes that He is not HIS Body,he realised that HIS Soul is encased in his present Body and so he is undisturbed by changes in this Material World always and he relishes with Joy in his soul always throughout his whole life.So Goto Acharyaa !! That is the KEY TO YOUR SUCCESS in HUMAN LIFE. HE OPENS THE DOOR FOR LIBERATION .My Web site is an example of Acharyaa Bhakthi !
Cross Ref : Brahma Sutra No.1: "Athato Brahma Jijnhaasaa" - "Go and Enquire about Brahman" (To Acharyaa !!)

TEST YOURSELF / ALERT / Your Constitutional Position !
Are You ENVIOUS (Jealous) of others.., then you are in the Material World and will stay in this Material World !
If you are NOT ENVIOUS(JEALOUS) of others.., then you are in the Spiritual World !!

Material World means Sense Gratification/Bodily Comforts. Whole World is thus sleeping in Maya(Sense Gratification) !

SIMPLE RULE : If Your Tongue is used for Chanting /Talking about the Lord ONLY Always and eat only Krsna Prasadam, then you are already Liberated.(Mukthi).

TEST YOURSELF / ALERT / Your Constitutional Position !
Are you engaging your senses in Sense Gratification then You will stay in this Material World. !!
Are you engaging your senses for Krsna's (Devotional) Service then You are & You will be in Spiritual World (Vaikuntam) !!
If you are in both state then you are not so perfect., your knowledge needs to be corroborated in order to engage fully in Krsna's Service

HouseHolder's Question : What is the Duty of a Grhastha{House Holder} ?
Chaitanya Mahaprabhu : "Asad Sanga Tyaga ei Vaishnava Achara" - Refrain from Non Devotees(Demon People) is the Vaishnava Qualification
Samsaarigalai kandaal sarbhathai(Snake) kandaal pol othunga vendum - By Adiyane's Beloved Bhagavathar !

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Although King Aurangazeb(1658 A.D - 1707 A.D) has been criticized as a Tyrant Ruler,Anti-Hindu etcc..,,He has fought against Kali Purushan. His Imposition of Sharia Law is the only way to fight against Kali Purushan.therefore Sharia laws are not against Srimadbhagatham and therefore not against Suka Deva Goswamy's Kali Dharmam. Shri Maharaja Parikshit has personally alloted 10 sinful areas for Kali Purushan and Sharia Law also punishes severely those 10 Areas. To bring peace among the Human Socety.., Sharia Law is a must to eradicate the evil effects of Kali purushan.Ref URL in wiki. ( )

Karmis are like that .., He will eat 2 / 4 chappattis.but he is working day and night. if you want to see him. He will say i have no time. he does not think , at any time , I am interested to eat 4 chappthis. .which can be very easily available.why i am working so hard ? that sense does not come.He is working.More Money ! , More Money ! ,More Money ! . Bhagavatham says, this is not your business.4 chappatthis is already destined to you , you will get ... ,under any circumstances. You dont waste your time simply under the false impression of economic development.dont waste your can not get more. you can not get less.that(4 chappaathis) is already there. You utilise your time for understanding krishna. that is your business.people will not accept. attending class on Bhagavad Gita is waste of time.This time i could have earned hundreds of dollars. [Just like myself (Maran's Dog) Tampa,Florida $65/Hour , Miami,FL $75/Hour.] That is called Dur Buddhi. Not very intelligent.or moora. asses. Real intelligent person is he.,., who is satisfied with what krishna has given. if Krsna wants .., he will give more. Let me become Krsna conscious. Let me study about krsna.! Let me chant about Krsna !. Let me hear about Krsna !.Let me see with my eyes Krsna,the Deity Krsna !. Let me engage my hands in worshipping krsna, cleansing the temple. Let my legs be engaged in going to temple. in this way all our senses should be utilised in the service of Krsna. That is our real Business.


The Powerful Thirumanthiram Artham is written using Alwaar Paasuram. ONLY (TAMIL) DAMIL PEOPLE can understand the Meaning. !
( Click here for Book , Click here for ThiruManthiram Audio   ,   Click here for DWAYAM Audio   ,   Click here for Charama Slokam Audio )

Hero of Yuga ( KALI PURUSHAN's ) EVIL BLOOD RAIN as per SrimadBhagavatham Canto 1.14
Video Show : Blood Rain in Kerala for 2 Months - July - August 2001( Bad Symptom for upcoming Sep,11,2011, New York attack ?)

The Words may be different !. But the message sent by various Aacharyaas are Same & Symmetrical (As they follow the Vedic Guidelines.)
(As a Poem , About 'Foods to be Rejected') "Maal Amuthu Seyyaamal Vantha Vellaam" By Shri Swami Desikar in Aakaara Niyamam

"Anna Dhosham Jnaana Virothi yaaga Kadavathu" By Swami Pillai Lokachariar in "Artha Panchagam Grantham"

"Just by Eating Krishna Prasadam , You become Liberated" By - ISKCON Guru Prabhupada in Plain English

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Why Nama Kirtan in this FAST MOVING BUSY LIFE ?

Your Soul's Fate is determined by this Most Important Keyword ! ==> "Sangaat Sanjaayathe Kamaha"

KALI Purushan asks Some Places to stay and Maharaja Parikshit gave following 5 Prime places and another 5 places for him to propagate adharma.
Mathu -(alcohol ) Other people's Wife Sex Illegal[Improper] Sex Gambling Animal Killing Gold
Therefore a Shrivaishnavaa should stay away from the above places where Kali purushan drinks the Blood of people and propagate Adharma ruining the human Society,tranquility & people's Welfare
[ This unique incident is also accepted in Quran & the QURAN is written to kill the KALI PURUSHAN. Prophet Mohammed directly interacts with Kali Purushan.Kali purushan is identified as SATAN in the place called Al-RAMIIY.,Saudi Arabia. KALI is Stone buried in a well.TWO Vishnu Pathams - "Ekam Paatham Gaya Yanthu Makka Yanthu Dwiti Yakam .." - Hari Hareshwar Mahatmya. Ref URL : ]

Here is the (HERO of YUGA ) Kali purushan's Bloody Toll (Recent pictures ONLY )

To speak Frankly.., there is no necessity for getting married.., !! If you can remain a Single(Brahmachari) .., Great Benefit, Great Benefit !!. By Getting Married.., You increase the Bothering. "Gruha-antha Koobay" (Srimad Bhagavatham Canto 10) You fall into the Dark Well. Ass Way of life. Just like ass..,You work for others without any personal Gain. "Aathma Thaatham - You kill your soul by getting married.

At the Age of 50 .., Immediately Get out !! [of House/Gruhastha-Aasramaa]. Otherwise you are "Gruha-methi". You made family as center of your life.!

"Ajitaat-Mano" !!. Become Victimised by Senses. Those who can not control the senses.what they do ? Sleep 12 Hours ,14 hours and so on !! Human life is so Valuable and you shall waste it simply by Sleeping ???

Human life is meant for gaining control over the senses. The More you become victimised by senses you are considered advanced.!!

"Ajitaat-Manah" => Nish-Phalam. They are passing the death without any result. !!

- ISKCON GURU Prabhupada speaks of Victims of Sense Gratification

These rascals .., have invented Tennis Club , Football club ... so many ways ... to waste the Valuable human form of life.
Human Birth is rare and a chance after many many lower form of inferior births. Therefore the Vedic Instruction.says.., Take this human form of life. Go and Inquire about Brahman. (To Acharyaa)
Ref :Athato Brahma Jijnaasa - Brahma Sutra -1

{ ISKCON GURU's Word : The Symptom of God Consiousness is .., He is adverse to all Material Activities. He has no interest.} Adiyane dont know + dont want to know what is going on around me/the world despite hi tech expertise. Straight One to One Match between Myself and Almighty (Rama,Krishnar) Full Sweep .., 24 hours engaged in Krsna's thoughts including the sleep(in front of Srila Prabhupada's Wall Poster ) time through Shri Madhava das Naidoo's Voice. (Vinayaar thara muyalum..Periya Thiruanthathi )


Material world means Sex Desire. Woman is hunting after Man or man is hunting after woman.Basic Principal of material life is SEX. Material Life means Live in Family life as comfortable as possible.

So long there is a sex desire and sex life, it will keep him within the material world in different bodies such as animal, human or Bird Society. To become liberated means to become liberated from Sex Desire.

Vedic Civilization's Plan is to restrict the Sex desire gradually and ultimately become FREE, Parama Hamsa through Brahmachari,gruhastha, Vaanaprastha, Sannyaasa Asrama. Guru advises disciples better remain brahmachari.No botheration. Guru instructs him to stay as brahmachari, through out the the whole life. Only if he insists, he is allowed to goto Gruhastha asrama that too for limited Time. the aim is to restrain the sex life.

- ISKCON GURU Lecture , Honolulu Hawaii ,1976 [ GruhasthaAsrama Dharmam - Main Cause of Material Entanglement ]
Cross Ref Swami Pillai Lokacharyar's Sri Vachana Booshanam: "ithil vihitha vishaya Nivritti thanYetram" !

You will Advance in Spritual Life Very Quickly if you give up the Sense Gratification and the Essence of Sense Gratification is Sex Life . !!!
- ISKCON GURU Lecture on Sri mad Bhagavatham Episodes - Self Realization Video

Definition of Parama Hamsa : Hamsa or SWAN is found in Pure water. Crow is found in Filthy(dirty) things. when milk is mixed with water the Swan takes the milk Part only and leaves the Water alone. so a Paramahamsa means one who takes the Spiritual Part of Life and leaves the (Dirty)inferior part of Material life. Generally all people in Material world are CROW Class of People. This ISKCON Hare Krsna Movement is trying to create some SWAN Class of People. A Shri Vaishnava Jeeyar Swamigal is an example of Parama Hamsa. and all other Advaita/ Colourful Shivachariar Swami's are BOGUS and CRAP. These Advaiti (Maaya-waati) people , Their business is to become oneness with the supreme Bliss. Krsna gives them Sayujya Mukthi. but that is not a good state. Jivera swarupa Haya Nitya krsna Dasa ! ( Cross Ref ,Thaleevar Sutram:Seshabhoothan Jeevatma) Real good state of mukthi is to become eternal servant of krsna !. Adiyane was blessed by Srila Prabhupada to see the Guru Maharaj Srila Prabhupada seeing,living and breathing in ISKCON Temple Statue. Acharya Bhakthi Yamanai Vellum( will conquer Yama dharma Raja !! )

Question is asked => What is the Greatest Gift(Benediction) in this Human Life ? Is it like Being Born in a Rich & Wealthy Family, Born Cute & Handsome Body , or be Intelligent in School ? or Having a Safe,Stable Government Job or Having a Good, Beautiful Wife or having many wifes or Being Healthy or Born with Good Parents in well settled strong family. REAL ANSWER is NONE of the Above !!!. ANSWER IS :::>>> " That Person (or That Living Being ) who has got AATHMA-JNAAN(Self Realization) at an early age.For him there is no difference between Living & Dying, No Difference between living in a jail or living freely in the world, No Difference between living as a Poor or Rich. He wants Nothing.He realizes that He is not HIS Body,he realised that HIS Soul is encased in his present Body and so he is undisturbed by changes in this Material World always and he relishes with Joy in his soul always throughout his whole life.So Goto Acharyaa !! That is the KEY TO YOUR SUCCESS in HUMAN LIFE. HE OPENS THE DOOR FOR LIBERATION .My Web site is an example of Acharyaa Bhakthi !
Cross Ref : Brahma Sutra No.1: "Athato Brahma Jijnhaasaa" - "Go and Enquire about Brahman" (To Acharyaa !!)

Listen to Find out what VEDANTHIS ARE SAYING after analysing All Vedaas. !!!

Alwar Paasurams has been authenticated by all Sanskrit Scholars such as " Shri Manavaala Maamunigal " , " Shri Swami Pillai Lokachariar ", "Shri Swami Desikar" , Shri Ramanujar & All Jeer swamy's in the past 1000 Years. Why dont you Learn ??

Maamunigal alias Periya Jeeyar
Maamunigal alias Periya Jeeyar

Then-acharya Sampradaaya Thalaivar >>>

Acharya Sreshtar., Anbin Kadal,Karunai Pongiya Kan Swamy, Vichata-Vaak-Sikaamani...,My Breath
Adiyaen's Beloved Acharya ........ !>>>

Maamunigal alias Periya Jeeyar
Maamunigal alias Periya Jeeyar

Maamunigal Pon Mozhigal

This Material World itself is a Dangerous position.Our Business should be how to cross over the sea as soon as long as you are on the sea .., !! you are in Dangerous position. Just try to cross over the sea go to the other side that is your business. How so ever Stronger the ship you may be.. "TITANIC" . it is drowned on the first voyage. and all the important men of your country lost their lives. Therefore so long as you live .., you are living in Danger. !!

- ISKCON GURU Prabhupada speaks of Material World's uncertain Life - Self Realization Video

In this Material World, we are suffering , suffering to the extent that even one becomes Krishna's Mother !! ..,Because this is material world, she is also put into suffering. What to speak of others.? Devaki is so advanced that she has become the Mother of Krsna but still she's put into difficulties.

The Vaikunda Door is not open unless you become Bhakta. Bhakta is one who performs Bhakti on Krsna. Defn of Bhakti - Bhakti means to act according to Krishna's likes. what krsna likes and what he does not like ? either you follow Krsna's instruction that is Shaastra , smruthi etc .., or you follow krsna's representative (Spritual Master or Acharya). If Spritual Master is pleased then krsna is pleased. In other words .., unless you follow Shaastra.., Vaikunda door is not open for you. (Cross Ref : Yat Shaastra vithi .., na param gathim. Bhag.Gita) Krishna Consciousness means always thinking of Krishna and those who thinks always is the Greatest Yogi ! The More.., You increase the Unalloyed love of Krsna .., is the Perfection of your life. The more you chant "Krsna".., the more you become perfect. !!!

Brought to you by Maaran's Dog - Broadcasting from Montreal, Quebec Canada (French : Maran's dog Je Diffuse de Montreal ,Canada)

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Srila Guru Maharaj A.C.Bhaktivedanta Prabhupada delivers his Last Sermon to his Disciples
Dated : October 21 , 1977
If we engage in Devotional Service, we get a different nature. and if we engage on the basis of sense gratification the result is bad.Yes, and according to the association of different natures, we get a body."Karanam guna-Sangosya Sad-asad Yoni Janmasu". Therefore we should always seek good association, devotee association. Then our life will be successful. If we live with Good Association then we cultivate knowledge. That means association.A man is known by his company. So if we have the chance of association with devotees.,then our character,nature becomes better.By Hearing by discussing Srimad Bhagavatham , this rajo-guna ,tamo-guna are subdued. Then sattva guna remains."Nasta prayesu abhadresu Nityam bhagavata-sevaya". then rajo-guna,tamo-guna cannot do us harm.Therefore varnasrama-dharma is so essential that people live in sattva-guna. Tamo-guna , Rajo-guna increases lust and greediness , and that implicates the living entity who exists in this material world in many many forms. that is very very Dangerous. therefore , they should be brought into sattva-guna by the establishment of varnasrama-dharma.How to bring people in Sattva-Guna with Brahminical Qualifications.Very Neat and Clean , rise early in the morning.,see Mangala arotika. In this way to stay in sattva-guna. Srila Prabhupada stops talking and Silences !.
He dies on November 14, 1977 as per another video tape.

PLEASE LEARN THIRUKURAL also, Due to the Shrimaan Thiruvalluvar's Powerful Words - Click here to Download - > Thirukural

Maamunigal Pon Mozhigal

Sudra Or Brahmana in Kali Yuga
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A View of Paramapadam ( Spiritual World - Absolute World with all perfection )

A Maaran's Dog(Maran's Dog) Presentation ® Trade mark Symbol (Always Free from Maaran's Dog !!)

( A Product of BITS.., Pilani ., Rajasthan , India )

Adiyane's message and intention through this Web site is to Create Some First Class Shri-Vaishnavaas. I dont want too many non-sense Rascal Bhaktaas. Let there be ONE Moon in the sky. I dont want too many Rascal Stars. In Percentage (%) the Moon is nothing when compared with Stars.
But the Moon is important than all other nonsense Rascals Stars.

This Material Nature is Very Kind !! .., "Even if you have a pinch of idea that you wanted to enjoy this Material World in a certain way.., you have to accept another body !! "

Adiyane is 100% Sure that ( Motsham or say ) Mukthi is Impossible in Cities/ Metro Cities due to Rajasic(Extensive Rajo Gunaa )in Nature. [Reference Sri mad Bhagavatham, Upadesamrta, Vishnu Puranam]. So .., Relocate from City Life and live in a Remote locations(Country side) with very few population. Adiyane is located in out-skirts of Metro-Toronto with Little or Zero interference.

The Atheists criticize that .., Krsna is very Lusty. Krsna has 16000 Wives. All Right ! Even if Krsna is Lusty.., he is Infinitely Lusty ! . He himself dont know.. how unlimited HE is.., !! .Krsna's Breath alone creates thousands of Brahmandam, (Ref : Brahma Samhita) and you are just encased in 1 Brahma-andam (Cross Ref :"Mananunar Alavilan Poriunar avai-ilan" .. - Thiruvaaimozhi 1.1.2)

Are you interested in Cats,Dogs etc ? Very Good. !! "YAM YAM VAAPI SMARAN BHAVAM TYAJATY ANTE KALEVARAM" Gita 8.6 Whatever state of being one remembers when he quits his body, that state he will attain without fail. - Gita 8.6 Do you want to become a Cats & Dogs in your next life.? Also you will goto Naragam called "Bhooya-Vagam" as per Vishnu Puranam.









All for Free !!! .., Please spread this web site to your friends and relatives ..!!

Maamunigal Pon Mozhigal

If you understand this line ..,then your life is Perfect & Successful !!

Maamunigal Pon Mozhigal

Balaji's (Personal ) Favorite - Humming Clip - Self Use Only